Fix Connectivity Issues with Extender

WiFi extenders are useful devices that help you increase the range of WiFi coverage. They rebroadcast signals coming from the main access point. The device should be placed between the main access point (router) and dead zone where you get no WiFi connectivity.

WiFi extenders

Important things to keep in mind while using extender:

  • If the signal is encrypted, then the device needs the associated encryption keys.
  • It transmits the signal that is same as that of source device.
  • Range extender should be placed within the range of router.
  • The device has a static IP address.
  • For the best performance, both extender and router should have the same software and chipsets.

Usually, connectivity problems occur due to following reasons:

  1. Configuration issues with the wireless adapter.
  2. Environmental problems such as electromagnetic, structural, and electromagnetic interference caused by various devices you use.
  3. Router transmits low-quality signals.
  4. The firmware of router needs an update.

Possible Solutions

  1. Place your extender closer to router.
  2. Change the wireless channel of router.
  3. Keep the device far away from walls and large metal objects.
  4. Change wireless settings of router.
  5. Try to reboot your range extender.
  6. Check if the device has the latest firmware. If not, update it.
  7. Call on toll-free number 1-888-927-4505 and take help from highly-experienced, authorized professionals.

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