Fix: iPad or iPhone Won’t Connect to your WiFi Network

Today’s life style has become so advanced and forward that everyone wants to run with technology.

Everyone wants to keep their devices and themselves up-to-date. But life gets slow down when the Internet stops working. You may get frustrated and try different ways to keep it running, but at last, you are helpless. Not anymore!

If your iPhone or iPad won’t connect to a WiFi network, here’re few things you can do to fix this issue:

  • You have to be certain about the router you are using. It is supposed to be updated and should be placed in an open, clean, and dry place.
  • Avoid placing the router near haphazard wired place.
  • The router should be plugged in properly. Do not stretch the wire of router. It should be properly stick to your desk or table.
  • If you are using wireless router, make sure that the device you are using should be within in the range of it. If you are far away, that is the biggest reason of receiving week signals.

Enable your WiFi network and connect your device with it.

How you can do that?

  • Go to settings > WiFi on your iOS device and select the WiFi network to connect.
  • A blue color correct symbol defines that you are now connected.
  • If you have a secured WiFi, you are supposed to enter your password.

Note: Create a strong password so that no one can hack it.

  • Sometimes, it might be happen that it asks for a default password that you are not aware of. In that case, you can either restart your device or go to settings and change your password.

Note: Nothing to be worried about! Sometimes what happens, when you buy a new device, you also get a password by the company itself that is known as “default password” which you can change any time.

  • Any iOS device that you are using must have the feature of detecting the issue you are facing while connecting to your WiFi network. When you are in WiFi settings, see just below WiFi network. There, you can see an error message saying “No Internet Connection”.
  • In that case, you can restart your phone and try it again.
  • If you are facing the same issue after restarting your device, check your router once that it is connected to your modem or not. The modem and router should be turned on.

If you still fail in connecting to WiFi, shut down your router, modem, and iPhone once and wait for a couple of minutes and start them again.

Tired of troubleshooting?

  • The only thing you can do now is reboot your network settings.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings.
  • It will change all your settings, including VPN, APN, and the new password you created.

Failed to configure, tired of trouble shooting against settings? For any assistance, contact our customer support executive by dialing toll-free number: 1-888-927-4505.

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