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While trying to access Netgear configuration page, i.e. mywifiext.net, users may face various error messages. Browser cache and IP address issues are most common reasons why users face this error.

Different web browsers show different error messages. For example, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers show following error message, “You are not connected to a network” or “Page cannot be displayed”.


In case you see other messages except for the above-given error, it is suggested to type the correct web URL in the address bar. A wrongly entered URL can take you to a fraud website that may steal your sensitive or private data. It can also demand for a huge sum. Let us tell you that Netgear never asks its users to pay money. That is why, if you are unsure about the URL, close your web browser and open it again.

Log in to mywifiext

In order to get access to this web page, all you have to do is:

  1. Place extender and router as close as possible.
  2. Plug in the device into an electrical socket. Once done, make sure that its power LED becomes visible.
  3. Enter the default IP address of extender into the address bar.
  4. In case you’re still not able to login to the page, try using a different web browser.
  5. Use Ethernet cable to connect your desktop or laptop with expander.
  6. Allocate a static IP address to your system.

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