Netgear EX6200 Setup Step-By-Step Manual (AC1200)

“Check out this post to get familiar with simple and clear steps for Netgear EX6200 Setup.”

So you choose Netgear EX6200, great choice! With quad-core processor, MU-MIMO, and 802.11ac dual band, it delivers WiFi up to 1200 MBPS. Undoubtedly, it has the adequate potential to make you get rid of Wi-Fi dead zones in your house or work area. The best part is, it is compatible with any standard wireless router, independent of the manufacturer. Overall, it is one of the best wireless extender in this price segment.

Over to the Netgear extender setup now. The Netgear EX6200 setup will bring forth two sections – “Connecting the extender” and “Log in to the online setup portal”. We will discuss both of these with their respective detailed steps.

Note: You are advised to execute the steps in the exact order as they’re provided. Do not speculate anything of your own for the setup part.

Connecting the extender for the Netgear EX6200 Setup


Below are the detailed instructions for connecting the extender to the router:

  • Look out for a decent location to place your extender, provided that it should be near (as much as possible) to the main router.
  • After the placing the extender, connect its power cable to the electric outlet.
  • Press the power ON/OFF button, only if needed. (If there is an amber light on the link rate LED’s, no need to press the power button.
  • After about a half a minute the LED’S will stop glowing.
  • Now you need a computer or laptop and an Ethernet cable.
  • Disconnect your computer from any connected WiFi or Ethernet network.
  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect the extender with the router. (You are free to use any available Ethernet port.)
  • On the off chance, if you face any trouble connecting, restart your computer and ensure that the Ethernet cable is snugly attached to the both ports.

Note: Some users connect the extender to the router using the Ethernet cable, which is totally inappropriate. Reason being, your extender is specifically designed to only use the wireless functionality to pair up with the router.

  •  When the extender successfully connect with the computer, the Extender connection LED glows.

Now it’s time for login to the setup portal.

Login to the Extender setup Portal

new extender setup

  • Click on any web browser icon, be it be Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • The web-browser will navigate you to set up page which is

Help Tip : What should you do when you’re unable to access is the address on the web that open the setup wizard of the Netgear devices, which is also known as Netgear Genie. It is a sort of login page dedicated to the particular device that you wish to setup.

Every now and then, users may face some issues while attempting to access this address. To get rid of  this verify that extender is properly connected to router and the computer. Then you must go for power-cycling the extender. What else – use a different web browser with cache and cookies cleared.

  • Inside the login page, tap on “New Extender Setup”.
  • On the next screen, use the prompted boxes to set up your extender login credentials.
  • Tap on “AS WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER” when asked that how you wish to use your device.
  • Choose the wireless network and you wish to extend and tap on next button.
  • Type in the security settings for the chosen network.
  • The Extender will now pair with the selected network, it may take around 2 minutes. Follow the further on-screen instructions.

Finally, a success page will confirm that you have successfully executed the setup process.