Netgear Powerline: A Great Alternative to Wireless Networks

Make your home network fast and effective with Netgear powerline. It acts as a substitute to wireless or Ethernet-only networks to expand the existing WiFi coverage. Netgear is the best company to rely on when it comes to powerline kits, range extenders, and adapters. Powerline can deliver up to gigabit speeds.

Powerline makes use of your home’s existing electrical wires to transmit power as well as data at the same time. Basically, the device takes advantage of wires instead of wireless signals and Ethernet cables for extending the coverage of WiFi signals.

The speed of Netgear powerline ranges from 200Mbps to gigabits. The device is used for moderate network traffic and allows you to live stream high-definition videos on a computer, connected HDTV or network attached storage (NAS). In case you regularly use AV apps like IPTV, multiplayer gaming, and 3D or HD videos, you should opt for high-performance adaptors having a speed of up to 500Mbps. These devices are able to work with any other brand.

Throw ‘Dead Zones’ away from Your Home

For those folks who are unfamiliar with the term, dead zones are particular areas in a home or workplace where WiFi doesn’t function properly, generally due to range and interference problems.

Despite the fact that you have the best router and there’re no interferences, yet WiFi signals drop out. Well, you don’t need to worry! You can use powerline to get rid of these annoying and frustrating dead zones. All you need to do is simply plug it directly into your router (main access point) and let it do the complete task for you. It broadcasts the main router signal again and extends the existing WiFi range to devices beyond the coverage of Ethernet wiring. Thus, you will get Internet connection throughout your house, even in backyard.

Most Popular Netgear Powerline

  • Powerline 2000

With 2000Mbps speed, it is ideal for connecting smart TVs, game consoles, as well as streaming players. It comes with an extra outlet to provide power for additional devices.

  • Powerline 1200

It has an extra outlet and one gigabit port, providing up to 1200Mbps. The device also comes with a feature of beamforming that makes it perfect for live streaming players as well as game consoles.

  • Powerline 1000

It offers up to 1000Mbps network speed and comes with an extra outlet. With this device, you can connect multiple adapters to boost up your wired network in an easy and reliable manner.

  • Powerline WiFi 1000

It features a noise-filtered power outlet to improve overall performance of the home network. In order to use it, all you have to do is simply plug the adapter into router or modem and then plug in the other WiFi access point to a socket.

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