Ultimate Guide To Set Up And Install Netgear Ex6150 Extender

The Netgear extender ex6150 is equipped with FastLane Technology, and it is a comprehensive device to improve your internet speed in the areas of your home that are untouched or get super low Wi-Fi signal.

The best thing is that this extender device uses two frequency bands; 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. The capability of using both these bands makes it possible to get way better signals than any other normal extender in the marketplace.

This Wi-Fi booster has external antennas and is highly compatible with almost all types of routers that are available in the market. If you are also willing to get improved network speed at your home and have purchased Netgear Ex6150 Extender then this setup and configuration guide will help in easiest manner.

Before preceding with Netgear Extender Setup, you should know the buttons, LEDs, cables, and details about device ports.

Device link and router connection LEDs

  • When there is no connection, the LED will be OFF.
  • If the connection is poor then you will see solid Red LED light.
  • In case, the connection is good/average then the LED light will show up solid amber.
  • The solid green LED light can be seen if the connection is BEST.


  • Off: When the WiFi security is impaired then this light will be OFF
  • When you see the blinking green light, the WiFi secured setup connection setting process is going on.
  • If you can see solid green light then WPA or WPA2 is already ON.

Power LED light color and meaning:

  • If the power LED light is turned off, it means that the device is switched off
  • If you can notice solid green LED light on your device, it indicates that the device is turned on
  • But if you are noticing solid amber-colored LED light, it symbolizes that the device is booting up

Now you are well aware of the LED lights and what they indicate, so figuring out various things regarding some common issues will be quite easy.

The Netgear ex6150 extender can be used in one of the two modes:

  • Access point mode
  • Extender mode

p>This mode will help build a new WiFi hotspot. Follow these steps if you wish to use ex6150 in the access point mode:

  • Ensure turning your device settings to the access point.
  • Choose the extender’s location near the router device.
  • Plug-in the WiFi range extender’s power cable in the socket and wait for the LED to turn on.
  • Search for the WiFi network using the Network Manager and connect to the preferred one.
  • Access any web browser on your computer and enter the web address mywifiext.net.
  • Click on the button labeled as the access point.
  • You will be asked to create a new account.
  • Enter asked credentials and hit enter.
  • The next step is to set up an SSID as well as a network password.
  • After entering the asked details, press the key labeled as NEXT.
  • Follow the steps shown on the screen.
  • Now, it is time to disengage the device from the power socket. Turn the device ON again. Now, you will be able to connect it to the Extender network. Now punch in the required credentials when asked. You are done!

Follow below-mentioned steps to use your ex6150 device in extender mode:

  • First, make sure that your device is set to the extender. You can ensure it by checking the main switch.
  • Switch your extender device ON.
  • Connect to the available preferred network either via web page setup or via the WPS.
  • After all these settings, turn the device off and restart it again. Configure your wired and wireless devices to connect automatically to your extender WiFi network.

Now you will be able to enjoy fast internet connection in every nook of your home/office.